ATOM Save Game Editor

v. 2019-02-09

Use the button above to open and edit a ATOM RPG save game (*.as) file.

Save_-1 is your last autosave. Save_0 is your last quicksave. Save_-2 is your Survival mode save.

These files live in the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\atomteam\atom\ directory in Windows and the ~/Library/Application Support/unity.AtomTeam.unity/ on Mac.

Make a note of (or pin) this location, as you'll need to save (or copy) the result back there later.

If this is all gobbledygook to you, there are YouTube tutorial videos showing the entire process end-to-end on Windows.

Please send feedback / bug reports via Steam PM or guide comment. While I've used it safely on my own saved games, I give no warrenty as fit for any particular purpose.

Remember: Never edit your only copy of a save!
Abandon edits and return to intro page.
Currently editing:
Simple Editor
Advanced Editor
Add or remove 1 point at a time. Values shown here are before modifiers such a hunger, radiation, stat bonuses, and perks are applied.
Character Level XP Strength Endurance Dexterity Intelligence Attention Personality Luck Skill Points Stat Points Spec Points Spec Level
Add or remove 5 point at a time. Values shown here are before modifiers such a hunger, radiation and perks are applied.
Character Martial
and SMG
Rifles and
Speech Barter Gambling Survival First Aid Stealth Lock
Pickpocket Technology Tinkering Alertness
Untested (there are related settings that may need to be kept in sync). Add or remove 100 points at a time (1 point at a time for HungerDmg).
Character Toxic Radiation Hunger HungerDmg Rolling
Save and Export
  • Always back up your save file before editing. Never work on your only copy!
  • Only editing of .dat (JSON) files is currently supported.
  • Make sure to save your changes before moving to a different file, otherwise your changes will be discarded.
  • When the text cursor is in the editor, press Ctrl+F to search for text (if you get the browser's search box, click in the text in the editor and try again!)
Export .as file
Thanks all!

Source code is available on github.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's your relationship to AtomTeam (the developer & publisher of ATOM RPG)

    None. Just a happy fan.

  2. Are you harvesting my personal data / saved game files?

    No. Thanks to some clever libraries by some clever folks, I was able to do all the work within your browser. Your IP address is probably in a server log somewhere, but that's all.

  3. Why a web page? Most editors are EXEs. If you were an EXE, we wouldn't have to mess around with the Load and Save Dialogs!

    Two reasons:

    • Firstly, I wouldn't download and trust a random EXE I found on the internet, so why should I expect you to?
    • Secondly, it's I needed a personal project to refresh my somewhat rusty JavaScript skills after a couple of years rocking backend services and big data ;-)
  4. You filthy cheater! Get gud you lozer!

    I don't like to play games twice (unless it's years apart), and I don't like to feel I'm missing things on my single playthrough.

    To be honest, I found myself save scumming a lot. So whacking up my Tinkering, Technology, Personality and Luck stats has greatly improved my experience without devaluating the value of the skill points I get through leveling. Similarly, the game is a lot more fun (for me) when I can see my follower's health and what the opposition is armed with, so I gave myself the corresponding perks rather than having to chose those and the 'mandatory' ones.

  5. Why don't the Load / Save game dialogs default to the correct location?

    Browser security prevents it. Trust me, its a good thing. If a web page could control where files were loaded from or saved to it could easily read a personal file or overwrite a system file with a virus.

    Even the path to places like MyDocuments can include the signed-in user's name, so the browser won't even share the name of the folder you selected in the File Open dialog with me...

  6. Wow. Why is your web-page like 750KB in size, yet looks like it was designed in 1995?!?

    Size: I was too lazy to work out how to lazy load the Monaco library (~710KB), and pull in more of JQuery than I really need. Maybe I'll optimize in a later version...

    Look: Umm... err... no real excuse. I suck at pushing pixels and have always depended on designers at work.

  7. Why are the stats limited to 10 and skills to 199?

    I haven't done any testing personally, but posts on Steam suggest going over these limits cause Bad Things To Happen™ for now. These limits only apply to values in the Simple Editor, so if you want to exceed them, you can do so through the Advanced Editor.

  8. Can you edit X for me / help me with my Save File?

    No, I'm lazy and this is a side project I mostly knocked together one Sunday. You can use the Advanced editor to edit pretty much anything yourself though.

  9. Have you seen anything interesting in the Save Game files?

    Yes. The original names of the stats, that Skeletons are actually chests (logical when you think about it, but it does mean they have associated properties for things like lock difficulty and pin number!), cars have a speed value, and that you character model is scaled down.

Release Notes

  1. CSS issue with small gap on the left hand borders on editor tabs
  2. Monaco editor still has a couple of inappropriate Intellisence entries
  3. UTF8 encoding/decoding isn't fully tested (there are no non-ASCII range characters in any of my saves, YMMV, particularly if you are using non-English character sets). If an extended UTF-& character is detected, a warning message will be written to the console.
  4. While the simple editor supports conditions (hunger, radiation, etc.), this hasn't been tested yet.
  5. Clicking a json file in the left hand nav of the advanced editor will discard any pending changes in the current file without warning (even if the file clicked is the currently selected file).
  6. The Abandon button does not ask for confirmation.
  7. Pressing ESC on the load dialog is not gracefully handled.
  8. Monaco is loaded even if the user doesn't use the advanced editor.
  9. The easy editor and the advanced editor work off separate buffers. You can't toggle between them and see changes made in one reflected in the other (without exporting & reimporting).